Thursday, October 25, 2012

I Think I Might Be Addicted to FMQ!

I quilted another small practice piece.

This one is 8" x 24", and the fabric is raw silk (from an old dress). These little samples are a great way to use up odd pieces of fabric and batting.

The inspiration for the design is from Diane Gaudynski's work (check out this one of her fabulous quilts from her blog - it is the same size as the orange one I just made - what incredible detail she fits in).

The only part that I marked was the outline of the vase (I drew half the design on a folded piece of paper and then cut it out - so that it would be symmetrical). I lightly traced around the design with a very fine, regular, mechanical pencil (the white pen wouldn't work and the Hera marker didn't work on the silk like it does on cotton).
All the feathers were added free hand, starting with the veins and then filling the rest in. I chose "Bump, Bump" feathers, I find that they are easier to make more flowing and "organic", than traditional feathers.

The main quilting was done with a very light brown 100Wt Invisafil thread, and the background was done with an off-white Invisafil to match the fabric.

Since this is the first time that I used a cone of thread I had to improvise with a cone holder - it worked well.

I added some "Scribbling" around the design,

and a looser background filler as it went further away from the main design.

I tried to keep the background simple so that the feathers and vase would be the focal point.

Here are all the practice pieces that I quilted this past week - 

time to go back to piecing some quilt along blocks. Although I think my husband would like me to bake - when he came home today I wanted to show him what I had made, he thought it would be a pie (is he new here!? I am too busy sewing!).

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!
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