Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Block 5 THQA 2012

This week's block is a very easy one (especially after last week's!), it is a Frayed Four Patch.

For this 7" block you will need - 

Print A (mine is the green stripe) -

                 4 - 2+1/4" x 4" rectangles

Print B  (mine is the red print) - 

                 4  - 2+1/4" squares

Print C (mine is the brown print) - 

                 4  - 2+1/4" squares

Start by making the centre Four-Patch with two 2+1/4" squares of Print A and two of Print B.

Sew the two sets of two together, and press the seams in opposite directions.

Join the pairs together. This unit should be a 4" square - trim if needed.

I spiralled the seams in the centre of the Four-Patch.

All the pieces are ready to be joined together like a regular Nine-Patch.

Sew the pieces into rows,

and sew the rows together. Trim the block to 7+1/2".

I hope it is fine with everyone that I have less detail each week. I just assume that everyone remembers to cut accurately, sew with a scant 1/4"seam , press the seams in opposite directions so that they "lock" together, pin the seams, make sure to trim the different units for more accuracy etc.....

Here are my other blocks -

All three of this week's blocks -

I hope you enjoy making this block as much as I did.

It is so great seeing everyone ones blocks! Thanks for sharing. Here is a link to some on Flickr too.

Have a great day and thanks for quilting along!
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