Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Block 7 THQA 2012

For this week I chose a Twelve Triangles block.

For this 7" block you will need - 

Print A (mine is the green dots) -

                     2 - 4+3/8" squares, cut in half on the diagonal

Print B (mine is the red print) - 

                     1 - 4+3/4" square, cut in to 4 on the diagonals

Print C (mine is the yellow "tree" print) - 

                      2 - 2+5/8" squares, cut in half on the diagonal (my squares are cut on the 
                                       opposite diagonals to keep the pattern lined up - just me)

Print D (mine is the orange dots) - 
                       1 - 3" square (this is the centre)

All the same weekly rules apply. Remember to use scant 1/4" seams (my blocks came out smaller than my other blocks, but that is probably due to the fact that I lost my 1/4" sewing foot and had to buy a new one!)

No quick tricks this week! All the twelve triangles are sewn around the centre Print D square. I did trim the triangle points with a point trimmer.

Start with the Print C triangles.

I sewed the opposite triangles on first, and pressed the seam allowances away from the centre,

then added the other triangles, and press the seam allowances away from the centre,

to make a square.

Keep adding all the triangles around (you get the idea), just be careful not to stretch the triangles on the bias.

Print B is next.

Lastly, the Print A triangles -

 Trim the block to 7+1/2".

This version was made the same way.

 For this version I used the same fabric for B and D.

 All three (this is closer to the actual colour).

I laid the blocks out with the fabric I have for the setting triangles and border. I still haven't decided which fabric I will use, might even alternate the zig-zag rows.

Keep posting your block pictures on Flickr - they are lovely to see all together.

Thanks for sewing along and have a great day!


Raewyn said...

Don't they all look great laid out on your fabric - it actually looks pretty cool with both the background fabrics, doesn't it? I just said on my blog that block 7 would be waiting for me when I got up - but here it is now before I've gone to bed!! Have a good day!!

Colleen said...

Hooray for Thread Head QA Tuesday!

Me and My Stitches said...

There you go matching all those beautiful stripes again! Love these blocks!

Janet O. said...

Haven't joined in, but I am loving the blocks (maybe because of the fabrics you are using) and it is so tempting!

Doniene said...

Okay, okay, my resistance is weakening!!! Your fabric choices are just so lovely!!! But alas, I will wait until later to make them - but pretty sure I will!!


The Calico Quilter said...

Alternating the background fabric by row looks fabulous - I think that is a winning idea. The rusty red is so cheerful.

Kindred Quilts said...

Once again, a fun block for this quilt along! Loving your blocks set on point. Such striking colors!

Eileen said...

Joanne, I'm not stitching yet, but I'm keeping up with collecting these blocks. Love this block! I have a question-how are you cutting your triangles? You don't get the bunny ears.

Ladyfée said...

C'est vraiment super joli et moi qui n'ais encore jamais fait de patch j'ai bien compris le détail d'assemblage des blocs ! de très jolies couleurs ! merci pour ce partage, c'est très interessant ! et j'aime été impressionnée par l'envol d'oies ! j'ai aussi un jardin et j'ai des rouges gorge, des merles,mais pas encore de petits écureuils, pourtant j'ai un bois derrière chez moi ! bonne journée, et à bientôt ! Ladyfée

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