Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Block #9

This one is called Kansas Troubles (it is in EQ6/7, remember to make it 9" if you are using EQ instructions).

For this one you will need -

Background -
2 - 5+3/8" squares, cut in half on the diagonal
8 - 2" squares for the half square triangles (HST)
4 - 1+5/8" squares

Print A (mine is green) -
12 - 2" squares - 8 for the half square triangles (HST) and 4 cut in half on the diagonal

Print B (mine is red) -
2 - 3+1/8" squares cut in half on the diagonal

Make the half square triangles with the 2" squares of background and print A (in the usual way - draw a diagonal line, sew ¼" seam on either side, cut on the line). Trim all 16 HST to 1+5/8" squares.

With the HST make four units like the ones on the left in the picture, by sewing two HST's together, and four units like the ones on the right in the picture, by sewing two HST's and a 1+5/8" square together. Pay attention to the directions of the HST's - see picture.

Sew the HST units to the print B triangles. First sew the "two HST unit" to one short side of the triangle and then sew the "two HST and small square" units to the other short side of the triangle.

Next add two print A triangles (made from the four 2" squares cut in half) to the triangle units.

Sew the large background triangles to the triangle units. The finished units should measure 5" square.

All the units are ready to be sewn together.

I pressed the center in the spiral technique so that the block would lay flat.

This picture is from block #5, to show the spiral pressing.

You will notice that there is only one block so far- I should have called this block "Joanne's Troubles"! I always seem to have a problem with little triangles! I love blocks with them, but can never seem to get them right. Feathered stars are one of my favorite - but it defeats me!! I have been wanting to try a Kansas Troubles block and was a little apprehensive over all the little triangles, but I thought this would be a perfect opportunity. This is my problem and I am sure you will have better luck!! I will finish the second one tomorrow.

Just to let everyone know, next Wednesday I will post Block#10 and then we will take a break for Christmas. In the New Year we will continue with the ten remaining blocks. The well deserved break will give every one - at least me! - an opportunity to make the alternating blocks.
If you are thinking of joining in - please do - never too late! Check out some of the other options for fewer blocks.

Update -

I made the second block - much easier - the secret is making sure the pieces are accurately cut (and units trimmed) and keeping an accurate ¼" seam!! Who knew!! LOL
To make this one different I spiraled it the other way.

Good Luck!☺
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!! ♥


Linda said...

Thanks for posting the other options. Are you using scraps just from your stash? I love how this quilt and blocks look? Your block looks great, Joanne! I think over Christmas break may very well be a good time to jump in.

Joan said...

Looks a good block Joanne - at first when I saw all those triangles - I thought.. oh-oh...but looking at your wonderful descriptions on how to...I have decided its not too difficult :). I need to get wome things done for Christmas... so I will take a while to get this done...

Cheryl said...

Try Eleanor Burns method for oversized HSTs and then square them with her ruler. Once you try it, you will never go back!

Wendy said...

I like this block! You know I love pinwheels. Looks like you're having loads of fun with this.

Cyndi said...

It sure doesn't look as though you had trouble, Joanne. I think it looks AWESOME! You already know about my triangle problems...but I'm gonna try this block just for fun! :o)



Karen said...

I have problems too sewing those wee triangles; my machine likes to eat them as I start to sew! Glad to know I'm not the only one who struggles with them! Love this block though.
I'm glad for the break as I've fallen behind; trying to make some gifts. I'll try over the holidays to get some alternating blocks done and get caught up too.

Colleen said...

Joanne, I am now 3 blocks behind :(
and so happy you are giving yourself ( and those of us in the Quilt Along ) a break for the holidays! Now I can catch up. I am working on 2 tshirt quilts for grandsons for Christmas and lots of other stuff too.
A very Merry Christmas to you!!!
I loved seeing your decorations too.

Scrappy quilter said...

You don't want to know what I was saying as I made this block. Certainly no perfection in my two blocks. Onward to #10.

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