Monday, December 6, 2010

New Year's Resolutions?

It is almost the end of the year and I am already thinking about the New Year. Every year I try to do something new.
Last year it was learning Romanian Point Lace -

The year before it was learning to knit lace (and learning to knit from a graph)-

All the lace patterns are from older Anna magazines.

This year it was blogging and joining OPAM (One Project A Month), I thought it would be a great motivator for me to create things. It has been a great year and I have had lots of fun.
Now something different for next year - I think I want to finish a quilt that I started almost 4 years ago!

It is hand quilted (probably the last large quilt I will ever hand quilt), and it shouldn't take me to long to finish it, if I get working on it!

I decided to join Myra's PhD (Projects half Done) Challenge. I will start concentrating on the quilt in the new year.

For the rest of the month I will be working on the Romanian Point Lace table center.

I finished up another three flowers this week, only four flowers left to go.

Then I'll have to make lots of braid to finish it up.

There has been lots of sparrows in the yard.

The rabbits are like little vacuum cleaners under the bird feeder.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!


Jen said...

Wow Joanne! You are so talented! That lace is so beautiful. I'd love to learn how to do that one day. Thanks for the sweet pictures too!

Linda said...

Joanne you are so talented! Each of your lace projects are so beautiful and delicate. I love them. I'm quite intrigued by the PhD program. Love the name. The bunnies at your house are so cute!! Cute, cute, cute!

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Your work is stunning!! Thanks for sharing the pictures of your yard visitors too!

Myra said...

Love your Romanian Point Lace Joanne!!! Wow! It is gorgeous, as is your knitted lace doilies!!! Lovely!

Hand quilting a large quilt is a big job, but doing at least one in your life is a must I think...? I have one of those on the back burners too...

Thanks for the plug on my PhD Challenge Joanne! You'll get that quilt done!!! 8-)

That is very interesting how you follow your Romanian Point Lace pattern... Looking good!

We've got rabbits living under our deck... in the city yet!!!

Have a great day! 8-)m

kwiltnkats said...

What beautiful hand work you do. You've got your work cut out for you on hand quilting, but it will be worth your effort. Looks awful cold in your neck of the woods.

Gloria said...

Very nice lace-making, Joanne!

My hubby would be jealous if he saw how many birds you had at your feeder and the bunnies, as he loves to take photos of them!

You are blessed indeed!

Karen said...

Thanks for posting about the PhD challenge; just might join up too. I have far too many UFO's that need completing. I've always wanted to try Hardanger, so might just make that my New Year's resolution...I like to learn something new each year too.

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