Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Baking Covers

May Britt has been talking about baking covers - beautiful embroidered covers, common in Scandinavian countries. She asked us to post what we like to bake for a chance to win a give away she and Hanne are hosting.

I like to bake cookies and bars best, but I bake bread every few days. The bread that I make rises for the last rise in a tea towel. I don't have pretty embroidered baking covers but I do use tea towels that I have collected from some trips. The one in the picture is from our last trip to Italy.

Today we are having near blizzard conditions - you can't hear the howling wind in the picture, or see the blowing snow - but it is getting tiring! At least the sun finally came out.

The rabbit was eating anything he could find!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!


Linda said...

I like to bake pies, but I do bake bread every day...in a the bread machine!! 2 hrs. later fresh and delish! I love the bunny pics. So cute!!

Joan said...

I bet that bread tasted delicious..I can almost smell that from here :) Great pis of the bunny ...

Cyndi said...

Hi Joanne! I love to bake cookies and pies best of all. I have made bread on occasion, but am not very good at it!

Aw, the bunny is so cute...lucky he found a shred of something to eat in all that snow!



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