Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Block #10

I chose a quick and easy block for this week - enough little triangles for a while!

This is another variation of a Variable Star.

For this one you will need -

Background -
1 - 5+3/4" square for the fast flying geese (FFG)
4 - 2+3/4" squares for the corners

Print A (mine is the brown print) -
4 - 3+1/8" squares for the FFG

Print B (mine is black) -
1 - 2+3/4" square for the center unit
4 - 1+5/8" squares for the center unit

Print C (mine is gold) -
4 - 1+5/8" x 2+3/4" rectangles for the center unit

With the 5+3/4" background square and the four 3+1/8" print A squares make four FFG (instructions here).

Trim the four FFG to 2+3/4" x 5" rectangles.

With the print B squares and print C rectangles make the center unit -

in the usual nine-patch sewing method.

I like to sew the pieces together leaving the chains of thread connecting everything

and then pin the seams in opposite directions (without pressing), making sure the seams "lock" together before I sew it.

I always do this for nine patches and I find that the corners usually match. Trim the unit to 5" square.

Now all the units and background corner squares are ready to be sewn together. I like using stripped background fabric for variable stars, because with the FFG method the stripes will line up (only important to me!). Sew everything together in the usual nine patch method.

Trim the block to 9½" square.

For the second one I switched the light and dark fabric placements for the center.

If you are thinking of joining the quilt along and just want to make a few blocks we have made a few variable star variations (and I know there will be more!), they would make a great lap quilt together.
Here is what we have so far -

Blocks #3 and #7 are the other variable stars (shown with alternating blocks)

Or with lots of fast flying geese and 13 blocks this would make a nice lap quilt (about 50" square). The FFG would be made from one 4¼" print and four 2+3/8" squares background, to make four FFG with a finished size of 1½" x 3" (trimmed to 2" x 3½" before sewing together).

Connie (no blog - yet) sent me a picture of her blocks so far (she is the person that has made all the alternating blocks already!).

It looks amazing! You'll notice that on one of her variable star blocks (the one with the pinwheel center in the second row down) she chose an alternating colour for the corner squares, and she changed fabric placements on the corn and beans block (beside the pinwheel VS) - great ideas. Thanks for sending me the picture Connie.

We are now half way done the blocks!! We are taking a break from the Quilt Along until the new year (good chance for me to make all the alternating blocks - I hope!), the next QA block will be posted on January 5th, 2011!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!


joan said...

Oh Joanne they are gorgeous.. After the holidays I am going to make your quilt.. I just love it and so sorry I didn't do it along with you! Not enouhg hours in a day!

Joy said...

I'm thinking I may have to rearrange my To Do List. This quilt must be moved up from 2014 to 2011. And probably January of 2011. Every time you post another block, my fingers start twitching and I eye my reproduction stash and start looking around for my rotary blade. This is an awesome quilt! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Love your quilt blocks! They are so pretty!

Terry said...

I really like this block! I wouldn't mind making a whole quilt of just this one! :0)

Wendy said...

I just love the way you make your flying geese!!! Soooooo easy!! Good looking quilt, judging by the quilt along photos.

Linda said...

I love each new block more than the last block! This quilt is going to be stunning. I think it's the Courthouse Steps that really draws me to it. Connie's quilt IS amazing. Just beautiful, really!!

Joan said...

ANother lovely block Joanne...I am now 2 behind and have to do more alternating blocks. Too much to do will catch up...Connies quilt is fabulous. Was weonderful to see the picture! Thanks
I need to get off this computer :)

Vivian said...

Your quilt along quilt is looking good. Connie's looks great also.

Libby said...

Another beautiful block! and lovely fabric!

Karen said...

Oh my, love that lap quilt suggestion! Thank you for all the great layout ideas you're giving.
Way to go, Connie! It's looking fabulous!

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

I am so far behind. I am determined to catch up shortly after the Christmas holidays! Thank you so much for all of your tutorials on each block. I've enjoyed your creations!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are multi-talented for sure. I just took time to look at your blog and your work is beautiful. The lace is amazing and your bom is very nice! Lizzie

Scrappy quilter said...

Slowly but surely I'm getting there. Finished this block today. I'm onto #12 as I finished #11 already. I loved this block.

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