Monday, November 22, 2010

Quilt Along Update #2

The quilt along is coming along wonderfully! I am so thrilled by the response!!♥♥

I have posted 7 blocks, and there are 13 more to go (if you are making a queen size quilt like mine). By my calculations we will be finished piecing in the middle of February, unless we take some time off for Christmas? I have some catching up to do on the alternating blocks! (Connie has all her 41 alternating block done!! Way to go!!)

Because I am stumped by posting printable patterns, it is kind of limiting. I wanted to let you know that all the blocks will be non-directional (I want a quilt that is square and can go in any direction on my bed - less sun damage on one side). All this being said - applique would be a great addition to the quilt! If you have EQ6/7 there is a great free download of applique blocks (they are Rose of Sharon, a couple hundred I think).

If you chose to add some applique, make sure the blocks are 9". I might decide to do only one of a few blocks and add some machine applique ones.

Colleen was kind enough to send me a picture of how her quilt is coming along -


I have seen others around and it always thrills me!!♥
Here are a couple that come to mind -
Joan has been doing a wonderful job on her blocks.
Karen has some great ideas for her blocks.
Needled Mom is doing a couple of quilt alongs, and has chosen to use more modern fabric for mine - nice to see the difference.

If any one wants to send me pictures I will add them here.
There are more pictures on Flickr.

I also have to mention that it is my wonderful husband's birthday today!

This is as close to a baby picture that we of him - he is the youngest of 7.

I thought I would add this picture of our youngest at around the same age - can you tell they are related?! Even the same haircuts - thanks to their Mom's!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!


Yvette said...

I adore this quilt. I am saving all the patterns to hopefully get started on it soon. If I could just stay in my sewing room for 12 hrs I may catch up.

Kristie said...

Oh it looks so nice! I really need to get caught up on mine. Maybe after mom gets to doing some better I can get more sewing done. I love how the alternating blocks just make them all POP!!! Love your design!

Deanna said...

I have my seven basic blocks done, but no alternating. I hope to have more pictures soon and I will send them along. What a fun quilt along and I will even be brave about applique when/if it comes.

Linda said...

Well Happy Birthday to your hubby! His pic and your son's are as sweet as can be. Almost twins! I so love your quilt along! Beautiful. I'm feeling a little late to the party.

Joyce said...

The quilt is looking great. What an incredible likeness!

Cheryl said...

The quilt is turning out just lovely. And your son is the spitting image of his father!!

Jen said...

Your quilt looks fabulous! I love how the alternate blocks really set it off! Happy birthday to your husband!

Cyndi said...

Hi Joanne! That quilt is going to be fabulous. I so wish that I could join in, but as I only made my very first quilty project a week ago, don't feel that I am ready for something so advanced. But I'll be watching from the sidelines and oogling all of y'alls wonderful quilts!



Needled Mom said...

Oh my goodness, but the resemblance is uncanny. Happy birthday to your DH.

I have to get to my most recent blocks. I have been busy trying to get things together for Thanksgiving, out of town houseguests and dinner for 50+. I keep hearing my machine calling my name as I walk past it.

SheilaC said...

Great pics of your husband and son! Definitely related :)

Your quilt is beautiful!


Joan said...

Happy Birthday to your DH - my gosh - dont those two look alike :) The quilt is looking good Joanne...I must say I was relieved to NOT see another block there today - I have #7 cut, but of course I am doing other things. I need to stop and tidy my studio again - I cant find HALF the things I am looking for. I do however know where my alternating blocks are hiding :)

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

I am enjoying your quilt along even though I am behind a couple of blocks. I think a Christmas break would be great and start back up in January. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Myra said...

Happy belated birthday to your husband!!! Father and son looking definitely related!!! My son looks like my brother...

Your blocks are all looking wonderful! Too bad I can't take part... too many UFOs, PhDs, Quips to catch up on... 8-(

I would like to ask for a EQ program for Christmas, but don't know the first thing about it all... For a beginner, which is a good one to ask for?

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