Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Block #6

This block was inspired by something I saw on The Quilt Index (it does remind me of the CBC logo - for the Canadians).

For this one you will need -

Background (mine is white) -
2 - 3+7/8" squares for the half square triangles (HST) in the corners
10 - 2+3/8" squares, 8 for the flying geese and 2 cut in half on the diagonal (for the center)

Print A (mine is green) -
1 - 2+5/8" square for the center

Print B (mine is gold) -
2 - 3+7/8" squares for the half square triangles (HST) in the corners

Print C (mine is red with a pattern) -
2 - 4¼" squares for the flying geese

Make the center unit by sewing the 4 triangles made from the 2 - 2+3/8" background squares, that have been cut on the diagonal (I also trimmed the corners of the triangles) around the print A square.

This unit should be trimmed to measure a 3½" square.

Make the HST units with the 3+7/8" squares (2 of the background and the 2 print B) in the usual way (draw a diagonal line, sew ¼" on either side, cut on the line and press open). These should also be trimmed to measure 3½" squares - there will be 4 of these.

TIP - any time you need to make this kind of fast HST you will need 2 squares that are the size of the finished block plus 7/8" - in this case the finished unit will measure 3", so 3+7/8" squares were needed.

Fast Flying Geese -

Make fast flying geese with the 4¼" print C squares and 8 of the 2+3/8" background squares. I have described how to make fast flying geese here and there are some great online instructions, but I will quickly go through the instructions again. You need one large square and four small squares to make 4 flying geese.

Pin two small squares on the large square as shown, draw a diagonal line and sew ¼" on either side, cut in half on the line. Press as shown.

Pin a small square (with a diagonal line drawn on) as shown, sew ¼" on either side, cut in half on the line. Press the block open with seams going to the background.

Trim these fast flying geese to 2" x 3½" (there will be 8 of these).

Sew two fast flying geese together, they should be 3½" square, there will be 4 of these units.

TIP - To "try" to maintain the points on the block, sew the seam a few fabric threads over (to the right when sewing) from the point (see picture - it helps to sew the block with the point on the top).

Now the units are ready to be sewn together.

Sew them together like a regular 9-patch.

Trim the block to 9½" (it will be 9" finished).

For the second block I chose to use the same print for the center, as well as the flying geese.

Karen makes the two blocks different each time and this block really lends itself to all kinds of possibilities.

By using two different fabrics for the 4¼" squares, for the flying geese this is a possibility or this -
You could also use a different background fabric for 4 of the flying geese....... have fun!!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!
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