Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Clothespin Bag Kit

I made up this clothespin bag kit for my mother.

To make something similar to this -

If anyone is interested I can put the measurements for it up.

Tomorrow I will start this project -

Yes, more pinwheels!! It is from "Fat Quarter Quilting" by Lori Smith.

Have a great day!!


Cindy from Its a Sew Sew Day... said...

That is too cute! I love how you appliqued the clothes on the line! You are very talented!

Happy Quilting!

SheilaC said...

What fabrics will you use for the pinwheels quilt?

Love your clothes pin bag :)


Jocelyn said...


Gloria said...

Love it! The appliques are adorable! I wouldn't mind the measurements.

I'm jealous about your new project!

Anonymous said...

Yes, aren't those pinwheels addicting??

Blessings, Jilly

Wendy said...

Adorable bag! I think I'm going to make a pinwheel sampler of my own, ala Gwen Marston style: Bright and wonky.

Wendy said...

Very cute bag. I look forward to seeing your new pinwheel project. I'm going to be working on some pinwheels this weekend at my retreat.

Helen40 said...

Many thanks for the tutorial.

I just got my sewing machine out of the loft to make this (after 20+ years).

So was very pleased to make something easy AND useful.


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