Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Show and Tell

This weeks show and tell is a quilt that my Mother made. It is the first quilt that she made. She made it in 2005, for my youngest child. It is a flannel rag quilt that is 44"x60". It was made from a kit, from Quiltessential Co, in St Albert, Alberta.

Since I have had other pictures of family quilt makers, I thought I would include this picture of my family taken in November 1966.

My Mother looked a bit tired back then. My sister and my oldest brother had just turned 6 and 5, my older brother was about a year and a half, and my twin brother and I (the one staring at the camera) were about 8 months old! Also, we had recently moved to England from Canada!
My Mother is a wonderful seamstress, she made most of our clothes when we were growing up!! She recently replaced her 50 year old Bernina with a new one, and is still sewing up a storm!

This Sunday it is my twin brother,his wife and my birthday!!

Last night my sister took me to see Swan Lake by the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. It was so amazing!! The costumes were wonderful. The RWB is celebrating it's 70th anniversary and it is the longest running ballet company in North America! My sister also took me the last time we saw the ballet, but that was 30 years ago!! Romeo and Juliet.

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit!! Have a great day!!


Gloria said...

Thanks for sharing about your family!

With 5 kids, no wonder your mom looks tired!

Have a Happy Birthday weekend!

SheilaC said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!

Thank you for sharing the pic of your family! Your mom was amazing with 5 kids under 6!!


Americana Lady said...

Your birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of 'you' to the world. Happy Birthday Joanne!
I love the quilt your mom made! It looks so cozy! They were busy parents and I am surprised your mom found time to sew.
How wonderful to have such a sweet sister! I have never gone to a professional ballet. It sounds like you had a memorable birthday, Joan

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