Friday, March 4, 2011

Mini Quilts Finished

I finished making these two little quilts (made from a packet of 34 - 4" squares (all that's left is half a square) and a couple of fat quarters).

This one is 19" x 24", the nine-patches are 4½" squares. I used wool batting and Invisafil thread with a Microtex #70 needle for the walking foot quilting and the free motion quilting.

I used a stencil for the border - I inherited a few stencils and have never used them, this seemed like a good time to try one out. It worked well - I used the white pen to mark the lines and free motion quilted them (could have been done with a walking foot).

The plain squares have free motion wreaths in them,

even half wreaths.

This half square triangle mini is 12" x 15", the blocks are 3". I used wool batting and Aurifil #50 with a Microtex #80 needle (for the free motion and walking foot quilting).

I think that straight line quilting is a wonderful compliment to free motion quilting.

Even echoing and

free motion filler stitches set off the curves of the feathers and other fancier quilting, and are similar to straight line quilting in that way.

Mini quilts are a great way to try out new techniques with out too much investment ($ and time). I have recently realized that I piece because I love machine quilting.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!


Needled Mom said...

Beautiful, Joanne. I love the your quilting and can see why you would love to try new techniques.

Kathie said...

beautiful little quilts and LOVE the quilting, very nice.
thanks for sharing.

Linda said...

Wonderful little quilts. Love your quilting! Yes, I agree the straight lines are nice compliments to fmq.

Joan said...

What beautiful little quilts Joanne. The quilting is fantastic, and I love the way you have so many different tdesigns in them. I would have to agree with you - I also piece bacause I love the quilting

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow great job! Your quilting is beautiful!

canuckquilter said...

Your quilting is beautiful. I do like the mix of straight lines in with free motion. It emphasizes different things.

Mrs A said...

Thanks for including all your tips and techniques, i find it very helpful, and yes i too have realised i piece because i love the quilting which makes mini quilts a very good idea! I had to pick up my bottom jaw when i saw the free motion table sampler - its amazing!

Kat said...

cute minis - perfect quilting ! ♥ :)

Karen said...

Joanne.. you inspire me !! Thank you so much. I am fairly new to your blog and I so much appreciate your generousity and quilting details on your posts. I rent a long arm machine at a local shop a couple of times a year and your tips will be implemented for sure ! Thanks again ! Karen

LiahonaGirl said...

Just fabulous! They look like heirlooms already!

Julia said...

Gorgeous little quilts Joanne..
Great little quilts to quilt on...
I must find the time to do that...My FM quilting needs lots of practice!
Julia ♥

Myra said...

Wonderful minis/quilting Joanne!!
Is there a lot of starts and stops with that one border/stencil you did?

Barb said...

wonderful little quilts. Your quilting is really terrific!