Thursday, March 17, 2011

Check Out a New Giveaway!

There is a fabulous giveaway going on over at Such a Sew and Sew! Of Civil War fabrics, totaling over 10½ yards and a book. The contest closes Friday (March 18th) night - it is to celebrate National Quilt Day on the 19th of March.

Good Luck!!


Elizabeth said...

Thanks so much for the bloggy shout-out! I really appreciate it!

xo -El

Mrs A said...

gee thats a great giveaway, thanks for the link, i would make a quilt for the donations to japan with it, which would be a great way to celebrate the quilting day.

carine said...

That 's a very nice Give Away ! Thank yoy . I wish to write me in. That the quilt I always want to make, but by circontanse I could do it. I'm always sharing with others that for this time I 'l thinking once to myselve . Selfish? Any way, It's a great one888 Greetings from Bruges Carine