Sunday, February 18, 2024

Week 7 of 2024

I sewed another pair of pants this week.
 It is the second pair of black pants (both from stretch denim), but this pair is out of better fabric (the other pair has white lines over them). Still $1 a pound fabric. Lutterloh pattern.
Usually socks end up so worn out that I don't mend them, but this fairly new pair always had a bit of a thin spot on one heel (handspun yarn isn't perfect), so I mended a pair of socks for the first time this week (luckily my Mom had given me her darning mushroom and it worked great).
I recovered a couple cushions for a friend of my Mom's.
Some of the ladies at my quilt/crafty group had given me scraps of flannel, and I sewed more little blankets for a local hospital (the ends just need to be woven in).
We had a bit of cold snap this week for the temperature blanket.

Photos from Around-

The hydroponic tomatoes are really starting to come in.
Best friends watching for my son to come home.
Molly trying to share her ball with Maggie - I am sure she wonders why she doesn't play.
Molly has become really concerned about the cat recently - here she is watching Maggie intently.

All the best!♥︎

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