Sunday, February 4, 2024

Week 5 of 2024

This week I finished knitting a cowl. I used just about every bit of handspun yarn (I did have to 'tink' back quite a bit to make the cowl narrower, because I was going to run out of yarn, but the size is still good). The little ball is all I had left.
After blocking I sewed up the back.
This is a polwarth wool that I dyed and spun.
Another week added to the temperature blanket. The kit came with a silk yarn for special days, and this past week was my Dad's 89th birthday, so I added that.

Photos from Around

The skating rink is melting now with all the warm temperatures (hockey sticks and bucket of pucks waiting for colder weather which is sure to come back).

This week we had some lovely visitors - a family of fluffy dogs!
Our pets weren't as excited as we were (Molly was inside barking like crazy).
A mom and her three puppies. After a few phone calls and introducing myself to some neighbours we found out that they had escaped from a neighbour.
We walked them home a mile away (they did all start to run back to our place half way there, but our son came to the rescue with some treats).

All the best!♥︎

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