Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Woven Fabric

I finished weaving fabric for my Mom.

I ended up with over 6.5 yards of fabric, that is 18" wide. It should be plenty to make 6 chair cushions.

I didn't have too much loom waste.

Fresh off the loom it was about 7 yards and 19" wide.

This is the fabric fresh off the loom. I was so surprised how different the two sides looked when I took the fabric off the loom - the side I saw while weaving was the plainer side (it didn't seem that plain when I was weaving it). I don't really know too much about weaving, but everything else I have woven has been just about the same on both sides. This fabric definitely has a right side.

To finish the fabric I sent it through the washer and dryer (it was too big to wash by hand), followed by a steam press. The side I saw while weaving really lost the pattern after finishing.

The fabric came out really nice, the yarn 'bloomed' and became so soft. It should make nice cushions.

Edited to add - Someone asked how long it took to weave. It took me about 2 weeks total. I kept track of how much I wove in a day, and I wove about 20-30" in a day (usually a few hours here and there). Weaving is pretty fast compared to knitting or crochet.

I was away last week (in Quebec with my Mom, visiting relatives), so the fabric didn't end up taking too long to weave. The pattern was a type of twill that was really enjoyable to weave (more details here).

After being away I was pleased to have caught up on the mystery gnome today - 7 clues so far.

Another surprise after being away for a week was coming home to much less snow - amazing what a bit of warmth does. In Quebec there was so much snow. I lived in Quebec as a child and I remember how much I loved to play in the snow, as an adult I don't think I could cope!

All the best!♥︎


PaintedThread said...

The fabric is beautiful. Your mother will love it. Those will be handsome chairs!

kupton52 said...

I am SOOOOO impressed I am speechless! And that rarely Gorgeous fabric. You must be so pleased. I truly am in awe.

Shasta Matova said...

Your woven fabric is beautiful! Love the pattern that is created in it. I have done just a little bit of weaving in a class and really enjoyed it. Without a class, I don't have the equipment.

lmno said...

Oh my goodness. This fabric is so pretty. May I ask how long it takes to weave 7 yards? That seems like a lot.

Sue SA said...

So special to make your own cushion fabric, I really like this pattern as well. I am sure it will outwear all the commercial fabric.

QuiltGranma said...

Your weaving is BEAUTIFUL! Love the twill on the back/ or is it the front now?Wonderful texture.

Louise SS said...

Such pretty fabric you wove! This made me want to weave, just have to find my loom first.... I looked for it last fall, I thought it was in my late grandmother's shed, but nooo, no loom. Well, not true, my grandmother's loom was there but it is not a good one. So, once the snow disappears I will check the other outbuildings. It has to be somewhere and it is a big one so not easy to hide. Long ranting but thank you for giving me inspiration! Rag rugs will be woven this summer! :)

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