Monday, February 10, 2020

Handspun Pullover

I finished knitting a sweater - well really a tunic.

I starting knitting this at the beginning of last September (I was surprised by that when I was updating the Ravelry project page).

It came out longer than I expected (I guess it stretched during blocking), but I am really happy with the length. I had lots of yarn leftover. The sweater weighs 378g.

That's one of my OMG projects finished this month, and an OPAM finish.

The yarn for the sweater started like this-

 It was a whole fleece from a local farmer, that I cleaned, combed and dyed.

I then drum carded the fibre to blend the colours. The two different colours are for the two different plies of the finished yarn.

I ended up with 553g and 2010 yards of yarn.

A close up of the sweater.

I have another little finish.

A very little needle felted mouse - it is under 2" tall. I got side tracked while making something else for later in the week.

Photos from around -

 Sparkly frost on the ground yesterday morning.
 Molly and her favourite tug toy.
 Such sparkly snow.

All the best!♥︎
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