Monday, March 12, 2012


I wasted a bit of time on Pinterest this weekend and was inspired to make a new pincushion (here is a link for pincushions on Pinterest). The one that inspired me was the pincushion at the bottom of this blog.

I have a bunch of these old metal Christmas light reflectors (from my SIL) that I thought would work in place of a metal tart tin,

and some old lace and pieces of cut up handkerchiefs from crazy quilting, so I was ready to get started.

I used two layers of cloth,

and added some lace edging. I used "iron away" stabilizer underneath when I added decorative machine stitching to join the layers, and then added some beads and buttons. I hand stitched around the edge to gather the circle.

I used a small bit of wool batting for the stuffing, along with a washer (for shape and weight) and a fishing weight (to make it even heavier).

I glued the whole thing together. I will add some ribbon around the pincushion to fill in between the metal and fabric, and a piece of rubber on the bottom.
I will be out volunteering for the next three days (no sewing!), but will show a picture (hopefully one that isn't blurry like this one) when it is finished.

I did try out the pincushion in a few other containers to see what it would look like. I decided to stay with the metal one because it wouldn't break if (more like 'when') it was knocked over!

It is not like I needed another pincushion! Pinterest is addictive!!

We have been having warm temperatures and the snow is melting fast - yeah!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


Raewyn said...

Yaay for melting snow! Your pin cushion looks like it is going to be really nice - I like the look of them with the old laces etc and I think the holder you have chosen is just right! You have got a nice wee pile of pin cushions, I see!

Joan said...

What a gorgeous pincushion Joanne, something you can never have enough of. I am not going near Pinterest for a bit...too much homework here...and I want to get back to sewing :)

Karen said...

The lace is just beautiful with the metal base. Very creative.

Doniene said...

Cute cute!!! How fun!

Maddy said...

Always a pleasure to sneak across to see what you are up too. Like how you used the lace clever.

Anonymous said...

Every part of that was true "upcycling". Like fabric, we can never have enough pincushions. I laughed at the fishing weights, as I know just where to get some...he will never miss any, he has so many. Do I dare??

blessings, jilly

Deanna said...

Pincushions are fun. And if you get too many of them, you can always reduce weight, add a hanger and make tree ornaments. And, if you get too many of those, increase weight and make paper weights. And...

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