Monday, March 19, 2012

Blogger Icons

I found out why the pencil, and screwdriver & wrench (they are called "quick edit" buttons) are missing from my blog. Apparently it is when Blogger changed my URL - I hadn't even noticed - it is now instead of .com.

To get the the icons back I had to change my blog address from to (this means "no country redirection").

Here is a link from the Blogger forum if you want to know more.
I have updated this post a few times (like I normally do) and I am so pleased to have the little pencil back!

Another thing that I find odd about Blogger is that I don't have as many options for "Settings" in the new interface as I had in the old interface. When I wanted to get rid of the word verification for comments (it is too hard to read now, I know it has cut down on the amount of comments I leave because the word verifications are longer than the comments I leave!), I had to switch to the old interface to change it because it wasn't even an option in the new interface. Same thing when I wanted to check if I still had the quick edit option. What's up with that?!

Wow a post without pictures - I have just been trying to figure things out on the computer - no time for sewing.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


GerryART said...

Don't ya love computers?
They do more to give me high blood pressure than anything else I know.
But, ya gotta love 'em.

Raewyn said...

Aha!! I've been missing those editing icons too and wondered what was going on...I had noticed all my addresses were changed to and wondered what that was all about. Thanks for the link to the forum ... I'm off to fiddle!

Terri said...

Oh boy! I can hardly wait for this to get to me... I can't even understand your blog, let alone try to fix this myself. Hang in there, Joanne.

Anne said...

Thanks for sharing how to do that. I've now changed the bookmark of my blog so that it will stay at the .com version and not change to

Now the wee pencil, screwdriver and spanner are all showing again. Yay! :o)

Joan said...

As Always - I am slow to work things out :( I shall wait till we chat...when sometimes things get easier :)

Anonymous said...

I switched to the new interface a few weeks ago, the old version seemed more simple and direct to me. Glad you got your problem straightened out

Karen said...

Thanks! I got my little edit buttons back too. I likely would have just accepted it as another change you can't do anything about, if you hadn't of figured it out.
I don't like the word verification now either, as many I try numerous times and don't get it right, so just give up. But when I'd try turning mine off, I got tons of nasty spam. So not sure what to do now!

Mrs A said...

ah i wondered where my little pencil had vanished, thank you ! Im still using the old interface, but also when i open your blog it comes up as which is Australia, so thats odd...!

Mrs A said...

Oh also has anyone noticed an annoying add attached to certain words in blog posts, this drives me nuts!!

Leanne said...

Thanks for posting about this. I managed to find the settings for the word verification in the new interface >> Settings >> Posts and Comments >> then it is the "Show word verification?" and you can Yes / No it.

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