Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bits and Pieces

First - Thanks so much to everyone who left such kind comments on the Granny's Hankie finished quilt post! Bloggers are the best!

This block is my first block of the new Temecula Quilt Co quilt along for the month of March - "Blessings".
It is going to be a block a week (every Thursday) for the month. Four 4" blocks and a finished little quilt that is about 18" square. The last one (Twelve Days of Christmas) was so much fun that I had to join in this one. 
The pattern calls for two 1-1/2" light squares, but it really needs 3 (two for the four-patch and one for the top). edit - they have updated the pattern now

There are a few of us making Hop To It blocks, and for March I have chosen block #3 Rose of Sharon Wreath.

This lovely package came this week, all the way from the other side of the world! I won a fat quarter from Christine (Once Upon a Quilt) - lucky for me it is red, my favourite colour. Thanks Christine!

Christine has also had some really interesting posts on Pinterest recently, that are well worth reading. Another friend also sent me this link about Pinterest (thanks Joanne!). Pinterest definitely lives in a grey legal area, certainly doesn't seem ethical. I added the small bit of HTML code to my blog that changes it so that pictures can't be pinned on Pinterest, but my son pointed out that people would still lift pictures and now they wouldn't be linked to my blog, so I removed the code.  I have had someone take my pictures and use them as their own, and that is much worse than people taking pictures because they are inspired by them. What to do?!
I added a Link With Love button to my blog - makes more sense to me. Thanks Pamela (The Long Way Around) for the link.

I haven't been spending time on Pinterest, but have found other ways to waste time on the internet -
Ellen's "Clumsy Thumbsy" on You Tube
and More Autocorrects
plus Awkward Family Photos

This new little flock of partridges seems to have the right attitude - one always looks out for the other.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


Lesley said...

Your block is so perfect! Hope to make this little quilt as well. Thanks for the correction!

Needled Mom said...

It is such a shame that someone would claim your work as their own. It is a tough line with Pinterest.

Joan said...

Like your block.... also the post on Pinterest. Will look for you on Skype as I have a few questions...give me a time if you can ? :)

northernknitter said...

Love your wee block & all your other work Joanne. I appreciate that your watermark is in the corner of the image, makes viewing more pleasant - hope it down't cause problems & you have to switch back to having it across the image.

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