Monday, July 11, 2011

Machine Quilting

I have been machine quilting the samples I made with my new Go! dies.

The Winding Ways one,

I chose to quilt it in concentric circles with a walking foot because I wanted to emphasis the circular pattern that the blocks create.

The Rob Peter to Pay Paul one,

I quilted feather variations on this one.

I also quilted a baby quilt,

meander quilting in the center and a swirl design for the outer border. This quilt is made from the fabric I was sent by Marcus Fabrics.
The Tumblers were cut using the GO! cutter and my Mom pieced it. She was pleased with how easy the tumblers went together. We will be able to make 3 baby quilts (she has already finished one) with this fabric and we will donate them to the children's hospital.

They all just need the binding.

This is this month's Henrietta Whiskers block.

We have had lots of heat and my vegetable garden is growing well,

we just need some rain - I have never seen such deep cracks.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


Gloria said...

your quilting is beautiful!

I like the concentric circles you did in the winding ways sample.

Great job on the RPtPP sample.

Nice even meandering on the baby quilt!

Garden looks great, wow those sure are huge cracks!

Linda said...

Your machine quilting looks absolutely fantastic!! I love the way the concentric circles added so much movement and the feather variations were perfect!!

Your garden looks so nice to. It's amazing how different your soil looks from the soil here.

Myra said...

As per usual, your quilting is wonderful Joanne! Gorgeous!!

Garden is looking good too! 8-)

Ann J said...

Beautiful quilting as always!

Luv...Ann J

Raewyn said...

Love the different effects of the quilting you have done...looks like you have been having a fun play. I like your latest Henrietta Whiskers too - it's going to be a gorgeous quilt. Amazing seeing your cracked ground...we are so waterlogged here but I guess it is the middle of winter for us in NZ.

Me and My Stitches said...

Your quilts are all wonderful - love your quilting!

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Your quilting is beautiful! I especially like the concentric cirlces on the Winding Ways - so effective.
The Henrietta block is adorable :)
Your garden is growning by leaps and bounds - it looks like you will have an abundance of fresh produce soon :D

Deanna said...

Your quilting is beautiful! It really makes the quilts.

Peggy said...

Great quilts, beautiful quilting!

Needled Mom said...

Those circles are just gorgeous!!!! I love the motion that the circular quilting creates. All of your quilting is beautiful.

Hope you get some showers soon.

Linda said...

Your machine quilting is awesome!

joan said...

Your quilting just takes my breath away. My husband literally thought I was having a heart attack; I gasped so hard when I saw your beautiful work! Wish I could fly you down here to the other end of Canada for a week. LOVE IT ♥♥♥

DebbieM said...

I love your Henrietta Whiskers block, so cute, so rustic looking and I'm into rustic big time!! Gorgeous!!

corina said...

The circles are perfect for the winding ways. You have a real talent for choosing the right kind of quilting for each of your quilts, and of course you execute the quilting beautifully!

Joan said...

Fabulous quilting Joanne - I do love what you have done :)

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