Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Romanian Point Lace Update

Has anyone noticed the cool addition to blogger - "STATS"! It turns out that Romanian Point Lace gets more views on my blog than anything else!? So I thought I should have an update.

I have been working on my table center (the pattern is from a January 1990 issue of "Anna" magazine).

I also made all the flower centers and the two extra circles I need for the table center. They are double crochet rings around a loop of thread (the flower centers are made up of three rows and the extra rings are two rows).

I have also figured out how to make the braid that is to go around the whole table center (I need 2.2metres of this).

The pattern for this braid is -

Work 1 double crochet into the 2nd of 4 chain, 3dc into the 1st chain,
*make 1 turning chain (turn work), work 1dc into the 1st dc, 3dc onto the 2nd dc*
repeat *-* as required.

The pattern is from the Anna magazine - since I don't really know how to crochet I hope this is what I have made! It looks nice anyway!
I don't think I would use this braid as a substitute for the regular braid, I think it is meant to be an edging braid.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Joanne,

This is beautiful work!

Thank you for stopping by the cottage and saying hello.

Hope to see you again soon :-)

P.S. Slowly but surely the bags are getting filled and they will be making the trip to the thrift store tomorrow.



Edna said...

Wow! That lace is so pretty! I haven't seen much of this type of lace before. I may have to look into it more now that I see what you are doing. I used to love to crochet doilies way back when (the 70's) but this seems more modern somehow. Not sure where I'd even find the Anna magazines.

Wendy said...

Amazing work! Such detail. It's beautiful!

Cyndi said...

As usual, your work is amazing, Joanne! I love it when you post your Venetian Lace, but I love everything you do! I'm going to have to go check out that STATS thing...I haven't seen that yet!

Have a wonderful day!



wendy harbaugh said...

I would guess alot of that is coming from my blog and the flickr group where I commented about your tutorial. Take care and have fun wendy "sunshine"

gabri10 said...

Un tutorial veramente eccellente!
Chiarissimo in ogni sua parte!
Complimenti e grazie per aver condiviso!
Ciao Gabriella

Gina said...

I think I'll add you to my lace blog. I'm currently doing some RPL but only small ornaments. I haven't had the notion to make something big so I'll be interested in your table cover. Your curved braid looks fine. I've used the regular braid on my bells but I think I'll try the ruffled/decorative braid for one. You see it a lot in angels but it's hard to hide ends in so it depends on the effect you want to end up with if you use much of it or not. Nice blog!

Anonymous said...

I saw some RPL table mats imported from Romania, and was intrigued. I've been looking through old needlework books on, and other sites, and am delighted that you have posted your tutorials. Thank you so much. Yours is an excellent website, and your work is beautiful!

Unknown said...

Hi someone gave me a load of annie burda books, but i can't find any in england :( I love your work and have just completed my first little bit from your page many thanks :)

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