Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Update

My children had their first day of school/university today, so maybe things will get back to some sort of routine.

This week I made a bird pincushion and a thimble keeper (pipkin).

The thimble keeper comes from a tutorial by Idle Hands Empty Brain, that I found through the Quilt Rat. I added a coral stitch around to cover the joining stitches (probably won't do this step again). I also had a beaded tassel on one end, but it made it too hard to open the thimble keeper, so I cut it off.

The bird pincushion I made by modifying a pattern my mother gave me from a quilt magazine (sorry I don't know which one it came from).

(the original pattern)

The original pattern calls for a 1 3/4 " wooden spool and since I only had a 1" spool, I made the pattern smaller. The pattern also used wool, and I used cotton. I also wanted to have separate wings instead of appliqued ones, so I added those too.

My mother's quilting group is having a show next year (I have been asked to demonstrate free motion machine quilting), and they are going to give away door prizes. I thought these little projects would be good, so I will probably make some more.

Kelly over at Charming Chatter has asked the Charming Girls (I am so thrilled to be a part of this wonderful group of bloggers) to post their September/October Hopes and Dreams.
Mine are -
Make some more little door prizes
Finish the 8 flowers left on the Romanian Point Lace table center
Quilt the three quilt tops I made this summer -

Also Kelly has chosen a Quilting the Quilt theme for September/October, this is great for me since I have three quilt tops that need quilting! Usually when I finish a quilt top I quilt it right away - this is the first time I have ever made quilt tops with out quilting them - I hope this doesn't happen again!
I will be quilting them all (probably free motion of some kind) on my home sewing machine.

Update (18th Sept, 2010) - Finished the Four in Four Quilt.

Today I tried a new recipe from Too Many Chefs.

Roasted Tomato Sauce

This was so easy and smelled wonderful while it was roasting in the oven. Just a layer of plum tomatoes (halved), 2 onions (chopped) (all from the garden), a couple cloves of garlic (halved), sprinkled with salt and pepper, herbs and olive oil. Roasted at 400°, for 45 mins. I removed the peel from all the tomatoes before I pureed the sauce with an immersion blender. We ate it with home made pasta, and it was delicious! I will definitely make this again, it was incredibly easy!

The garden has also been doing very well.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!


Anonymous said...

Looks as if your garden behaved while you were gone. It looks beautiful.

I'm excited to hear you will be demonstrating your beautiful quilting. I just know you will be teaching it someday♥


Wendy said...

Jealous over your garden. Looks like you have a full month planned! I'm noting but quilting (sashing and borders are okay) for the next two months.

Joan said...

You have been so busy!! I wish I had your garden. Its pouring with rain and really cold here...fires good though. I love the pin cushion!!

Ale jc said...

Oh my how lovely your ventures into thread land have been..Your goals seem very much attainable...your garden is just delicious...blessings charming lady samm

Sharon said...

I am drooling over your flowers...the heat has taken it's toll on mine! Have fun quilting your lovely quilt tops!

Sharon said...

I am drooling over your flowers...the heat has taken it's toll on mine! Have fun quilting your lovely quilt tops!

Ivory Spring said...

You have certainly been busy, Joanne! I love love love that pincushion!

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Great goals - I love all of those quilt tops! Your tomato sauce looks yummy, and the garden is just beautiful!

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