Friday, September 3, 2010

First September Finish

I decided to make a runner with the leftover Alliance charm pack I had.

I just cut the charms in half and sewed them to rectangles (2.5" x 5") of coordinating brown fabric. Then cut the squares in half, sewed them into rows, and then the rows together.

The runner is 46" x 21", with 2" finished squares. It matches the mini quilt I finished at the beginning of the week, and I will use them on my dining room table and buffet. I hope this will be the last table and buffet runner sets that I make, because the buffet drawer that I store them in is overflowing!! (table runners seem to be another addiction!!)

I chose the checkerboard pattern to use up the charm squares without waste, and because it is like the first buffet runner I made about 12 years ago and still one of my favorites.

This one is 46" x 20", with 2.5" squares. I hand quilted it. It is made with all kinds of scraps that I had at the time and the cotton batting is a piece of leftover batting that my aunt had from my grandmother. (The buffet also once belonged to my grandmother, but I think it was originally her in-laws.)

I have also been working on the Romanian Point lace table center.

I finished crocheting the 1.9metres of braid that I needed for one section. I like to make the amount of braid I need for each section, so I don't have to cut and unwind the braid - a waste of time.

Now I am tacking it down to the pattern (this is not my favorite part of Romanian Point Lace). After I will work on the filling stitches in that area (much more enjoyable!).

This is the time of the year when I see what has been successful in the garden, so I know what to grow for next year. The cherry and ivory swizzle zinnias on the right are ones that are new to me, and have done very well - I will definitely grow these again next year. The asters (pink ones in the middle) are just starting to bloom - I always grow some type of aster.
Tonight it is supposed to go down to 4C - I hope we don't have frost!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!


Wendy said...

I could tell you were addicted to table runners! I don't blame you. They're fast and easy. Immediately gratifying. Mini wall hangings are the same way.

I think I'm going to try your tutorial of table runner. Looks very easy.

Tx for the tips about the Christmas Market. I'll keep those in mind as I get ready.

Joan said...

Romanian Point Lace looks difficult - but beautiful. Ar you making your thread? Look forward to the finisheD table runner

Cyndi said...

Another lovely runner. I think you just can't have too many of'll just need to adopt another drawer! :o)

Your flowers are still looking lovely, Joanne. Mine are looking quite scraggly and awful...the lack of rain surely didn't help my gardens this year!



Anonymous said...

If I had recently gotten home from Italy, I would be relaxing!!!! You amaze me Joanne!!! Love the runners. Look at it this way, a very inexpensive way to redecorate.


Casse-bonbec said...

Oh, your table center is already gorgeous.

Eileen said...

wow--that drawer of table runners is impressive and i love your latest--great colors. that crocheted article is unreal--so beautiful and intricate!!

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