Tuesday, August 30, 2011

France - Day 9

Today we went to Grasse, a town famous for being the perfume capital of the world.

We went to the perfumery Molinard-

After we took a walk around the old village -

Another lovely day in the south of France!

Gloria asked me about the language, I speak french (my Mother is French Canadian) so I have had no problems (although the french is slightly different - yesterday I met some people from Quebec and they were much easier for me to understand). Lots of people speak English here. Last year when we went to Italy (we don't speak Italian) we had no problems. This year it has been very nice to speak and read the language though.
Gail also asked me about plans for the trip - we really are not planners (just the basics like getting there and some where to stay). We really enjoy experiencing different cultures rather than seeing all the sights. Renting an apartment or home is a wonderful way to experience a new culture, much nicer than staying in a hotel too (also more relaxing).

Thanks for joining me on our trip!


corina said...

I'm really enjoying all your pictures. If you have room in your luggage could you please bring me back that spice cupboard? I would love to put it in my sewing room and fill it with quilty stuff!

Joan said...

Your photos are beautiful - I have missed a few days and will go back and have a better peek. You must all be injoying yourself immensly :)

sigisart said...

Hi Joanne,
I think you have (had?) a wonderful trip through france. I enjoined looking your fotos. But didn´t you visit (a) quilt shop(s)??
Many greetings from germany

Linda said...

I have enjoyed every post of your vacation! The photos are fabulous!!