Monday, August 22, 2011

France - Day 1

I am on holiday for the next two weeks. Since we have free WiFi every where we are staying, I thought I would use my blog as a diary of my trip.

This is the road where we are staying in Paris. We are staying in the building with the big blue door.

These are views of the court yard from the apartment we rented.

Some of the streets in the Marias district of Paris where we are staying. We are about a block from the Seine.

A local bakery.

We rented the apartment in Paris from the Jeu de Clefs, it is well equiped and very handy to everything.

A bientôt!


GailM. said...

Wow, you are in Paris. I'm planning a trip in November. Thanks for the link to your accommodations. I was looking for a good place to stay. Love that you have free wifi

Needled Mom said...

Wow!!! That looks like a great place to stay. Enjoy your visit.

Karen said...

Really enjoyed your post, Joanne. Love looking at travel pictures. Did you sample some of the bakery goodies?

DebbieM said...

Ah! Paris, look at those french breads and pastries, I could smell them all now. I love seeing other countries and follow quite a few blogs that do that. Can't wait to see the rest of Paris. I took French in school, can't remember any of it though, thought I might visit there someday, ended up in Germany and Holland instead. Oh well, maybe some day. Enjoy your vacation!!!

Barb said...

How marvelous!!
I just finished David McCullough's new book about Americans in Paris. I highly recommend it!
Have a wonderful time - more photos!!
say hello to Mona and the tower for me