Friday, August 26, 2011

France - Day 5

Today started with a ride on the metro -

to the Jardins and Palais du Luxembourg - once a palace built between 1615-1627, now home to the French Senate -

The gardens were amazing. It was a cold wet day, it sure seemed like fall, especially with all the leaves on the ground!
Next a short walk to see the Pantheon -built in 1758 as a tribute to St Genevieve, now honors France's great dead -

Nearby St Etienne du Mont -

Because it was rainy we decided to try the Louvre again this afternoon - no line-ups!

the Mona Lisa -the picture is blurry because we were so far away

The Consecration of the Emperor Napolean I by J.L. David

The Card-Sharper by G. de La Tour

The Lacemaker by J. Vermeer

We have really enjoyed staying in Paris. I would recommend renting an apartment to anyone - you really feel immersed in the culture of a place this way. The Marias is a wonderful place, we are close to everything without being too touristy.

Between the St Paul metro station and the apartment on Rue St Paul (a 5 minute walk) there are 4 bakeries. We have tried them all (several times), they are all very good and amazingly to us always packed.

this one outside the metro station is our favorite

Tomorrow we fly to Nice, in the south of France!


Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

How beautiful! I just love the architecture in Europe. So incredibly gorgeous!
xx, shell

Karen said...

Loving the pictures, Joanne - keep them coming!

Sharon Kwilter said...

So beautiful--thanks for sharing the photos!

Me and My Stitches said...

We were in Paris several years ago and I absolutely loved it. Isn't it amazing to see the Mona Lisa in person? And the Eiffel Tower? I love the Eiffel Tower. Have you been to Napolean's Tomb? I was amazed by it. Thanks for sharing, it sure brings back great memories!

Mrs A said...

The flowers look so lovely in the luxemborg gardens, it was cool and wet the day we went there too! Fortunately we had warm winter coats on! Cant wait to see your photos of nice, hope the weather improves, a tout le heur!

DebbieM said...

Absolutely beautiful buildings. I was drawn to the buildings when I visited Holland and Germany many years ago. I find the architecture the most interesting thing in Europe. Thanks for sharing.

GailM. said...

oh, what nice photos. I am so glad that you took the picture of the Vermeer. Did you get to see the picture of the Girl with the Pearl Earing. I want to see that when I go to France. I think we may have to change our plans and go for a Month intead of a week!! Love all your photos...

Sandra Henderson said...

Re. your Mona Lisa painting... "YOU TOO!??!" lol
We could not get close to it either! lol
Every Japanease person in Japan was there! lol
IT's funny because nobody saw it through their own eyes, only their cameras. I told my husband they had to go home to watch their vacation. lol
Lovely photos!~Thanks for taking me back to France today! XO

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