Wednesday, August 24, 2011

France - Day 3

Today we went to the Louvre (we didn't go inside -very long lines, the young uninterested men with us, and the fact that my DH and myself have been before - it didn't make sense this time).

We walked around the gardens -

L'Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel

Place de la Concorde with L'Arc de Triomphe in the distance

Next we walked in a shopping district -

St Marie Madeleine on the way

In the afternoon we walked around the Marais again -

the National Archives

to the Pompidou Center (a modern art museum - once again we didn't go inside - we just wanted to see outside the building). All the pipes, elevators etc. are on the outside -

the back

and the front

Align Centera fountain out front
A walk back to the apartment -

Rue des Rosiers

Another wonderful day in Paris!


LiahonaGirl said...

You can pre-reserve your tickets for the Louvre online and then probably skip the long lines. You may need a way to print the receipt -- but your hotel will probably have a way to do that. Or skip the Louvre and hit the Jeu de Paume! (I actually prefer the Jeu de Paume, because it's more approachable.) Keep having fun.

Teresa Felgueiras said...

Lovely photos that bring me memories of a long time ago. In 1984, when I was only 19 years old I visited Paris. During 6 days we visited almost every places and it was wonderful. Thank you for taking me back in time. hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Mrs A said...

C'est magnifique! you must try some macaroons there, they are to die for, but you dont have to get them from Laudree, there are some amazing choc shops on rue St Germaine, and we had the most delicious cheesecake at the cafe panis opposite the notre dame next to the St michel statue, perfect views and coffee too! And have a french onnion soup for me, one of my favs! We used a museum pass which you can get at the tabac or the major railways, its very good way to see some of the art/museums without queues, called a paris visite carte. The louvre was my fav, hope you have a wonderful time!