Sunday, August 28, 2011

France - Day 6 & 7

Yesterday we flew from Paris

We were 45 minutes late taking off. Someone missed the plane but their suitcase was on the plane. They had to take the luggage off and remove his luggage for safety. Plus they had to replace something on the plane too at the last minute.

to Nice in the south of France -

coming in for the first landing

suddenly there was something else on the runway and we had to quickly go up again and circle around for 10 minutes

the Mediterranean was so blue

the second landing was perfect

We rented a house 45 minutes NW of Nice, south of Tourrettes and Fayence-

with a lovely pool -

and stunning views -

Today we spent a hot day swimming and lounging by this -

Some pictures from our evening walk -

We are on the side of a mountain, so all the roads are very steep for us prairie people!

Tomorrow we might travel further a field.


Raewyn said...

Hi Joanne, I have just read through all your France posts; it's great to see all the photos - hope your holiday continues to go well :-)

DebbieM said...

Your holiday looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing the pictures, it's the only way I'll ever see France. Looks like a really nice house and the amenities look great. Have fun and enjoy yourself.

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