Saturday, December 11, 2010

More Romanian Point Lace

We are hosting a Christmas party tonight (people from DH's work), so I have been busy cooking and cleaning. I even put my sewing machine away - it is normally in my kitchen - so no sewing!

I have been working on the Romanian Point Lace table topper in the evenings - two more flowers finished, and more braid crocheted.
My RPL bag is from this book-

The origami bag is a fantastic work bag - it has a nice flat bottom, and just the right size to hold the balls of cotton.

There are some great giveaways going on -

Tara Lynn (Sew Unique Creations) is giving away a Shelburne Calico Garden fabric bundle that would be perfect for the Quilt Along quilt. The contest closes on the 16th. She is also giving away a Barn Quilt Calender. Be sure to check out the rest of her blog too.

Over at Traceyjay Quilts, she is giving away a Go Cutter - the contest closes on the 13th. She has set up a charity blog - Quilt Hope In - where you can donate a quilt, to raise money for women and children in Haiti.

Here, the birds and rabbits have been out in full force - the weather is getting colder.

There have been hundreds of sparrows at the feeders.

We also had the gray partridges back -

A few made it to the feeder while -

the others wandered back and

forth on the other side of the neighbor's fence, trying to figure out how to reach their friends! They eventually made it over. They are so funny to watch!

And so pretty.

The big rabbit was eating the apples -

and the little rabbit came to see - so cute!

I hope you are keeping warm where you are - here it is -22°C (-8°F) outside and inside it is 14°C (57°F), our (new in the spring) furnace has stopped working again! Someone should be here soon - hopefully before out company arrives!
Yeah! Furnace is fixed - changed a part.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!


Cheryl said...

Your Russian Lace is gorgeous--so delicate. Jealous you have snow for the holidays! Sunny and 75 in AZ--yuk!No wonder it is hard to get in the spirit.

Linda said...

Romanian Point Lace is gorgeous. Just beautiful. I love your little woodland friends. The partridges are the best!! Joanne, you just need a pear tree!!

Needled Mom said...

The Romanian Lace work is just stunning!

Brr...that sounds pretty cold to me and the indoor temperature sounds awful too. I hope they get the furnace fixed soon.

I loved seeing the partridges. They don't seem to mind the cold.

SheilaC said...

The little bunnies in your yard are adorable! I used to put out a couple of bird feeders but I get more pigeons than anything else so I stopped.
Miss seeing them though.

Your lace is gorgeous :)


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