Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Stockings!

My Secret Santa Swap present came today!

Two beautiful Christmas stockings made by Vivian!

My husband and I have the Christmas stockings that we made when we first got married hanging in our bedroom (yes, I said we - my husband stitched his - the only embroidery he has ever done). I made replacement stockings for us, to go with our children's stockings, which I hang on the mantle, and I have been thinking of making stockings for my children to hang in their bedrooms like ours - thanks to Vivian I don't have to!

I have put the new stockings in their bedrooms -

They go perfectly with our other decorations, and I was so thrilled when I opened the box - Thanks Vivian!!

I decorated the house for Christmas this week, and here are a few pictures -

Our family room.
The stockings we have are all different types of embroidery - crazy quilting for my youngest, my oldest has a cross stitch one (my Father did the cross stitching), mine is hardanger and my husband's is canvas work (the fanciest one! ie - the one that took me the longest to make!).

Our dining room.

Our skinny tree with lots of hand made decorations.

We also have a tradition of buying Christmas ornaments on our travels -

one of the first, from Germany over twenty years ago

one from our trip to the east coast five years ago

we chose this one because we saw a whale when we were in Newport, Oregon two summers ago

and from this past summer in Italy

The next picture is of my favorite piece of stained glass -

I made it about 12 years ago, the pattern is from the fall 1992 issue of Glass Patterns Quarterly magazine.

That's just some of my decorations, I love having things change in the house at this time of the year!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!


Myra said...

Great stockings Joanne!!! Something I am needing to make...eventually. 8-)
You home looks lovely... The best tree is a skinny tree (my hubby likes big fat ones) with homemade, and meaningful decorations... 8-)
Thanks for the peek into your life.
Have a great weekend!

Joan said...

Lovely post Joanne - those stockings are really soomething. Your house looks very festive!

Linda said...

Joanne, your home is beautiful. I love your stockings from the swap. They match your home perfect. I love the ornament parade too. I just love Christmas decorations. Best story every that your husband stitched his stocking. Maybe I can talk mine into it...

Cyndi said...

Joanne, those stockings are adorable and how great that they go right along with your other decor. That's a great idea putting them in the bedrooms...I'd never thought of that. We have an antique mantle in our bedroom as a headboard...I just might have to borrow your idea! ;o)
And your home is lovely!

Have a wonderful weekend!



Cheryl said...

Looking very festive!

Vivian said...

Your home looks great and I love the idea of putting stockings in the bedroom, especially at the foot of the bed. Italy? -- I'm jealous.

canuckquilter said...

Your home looks lovely and those Secret Santa stockimngs fit right in. I love the tree dripping with decorations. Those are the best. My kids love pulling all the tree trimmings out and retelling the stories of each one. It's taking longer evry year! Your stained glass angel is beautiful. Is there any ccraft you haven't tried? :)

Needled Mom said...

Isn't it fun to bring out all of the memories when you place the ornaments and decorations up?

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