Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dragon Boats

I learned how to make dragons boats several years ago at a Winnipeg Embroiderers' Guild workshop, and I thought it would be nice to share how to make them here.

December 2023 I had to remove the links that were no longer working for folding these ornaments and found one that works.

Start with a 7½" x 1½" rectangle of cardboard (I use an old blade on my rotary cutter to cut the cardboard, cereal box cardboard works fine). Mark lines as shown on the cardboard.

Very careful score (with an exacto knife) the surface of the cardboard on the lines.

Fold into the shape, carefully folding the cardboard on the scored lines (folding the form is well described in the this blog post by Craft Sanity - she also shows how she makes these ornaments). Use a small piece of tape to secure the shape.

Place pins in the points and apply a very small amount of glue around the ends of the cardboard.

I chose to make this dragon boat with embroidery floss and Kreinik braid (#8), but any thread will work (even self patterning yarn on a larger shape). To start the thread, tape the end and then wind the thread around the form (again, well described in the PDF). Carefully lay the threads evenly side by side.

Change threads, to create stripes, by attaching new threads with a small piece of tape on the side, it will be covered as you wind more thread.

You can even wind two threads at a time. When making stripes be sure to wind the same number of times on each side of the form.

The form is almost all covered, see that the tape is being covered. This is a view of the bottom.

When you are near the end, apply a small amount of glue to the corners to help prevent the thread from slipping off.

With a long needle thread the end of the wrapping thread through the form - from bottom to the top. I also applied a small amount of glue on the bottom. Remove the pins and very gently push the threads to cover the cardboard.

To finish the ornament you can use a tassel or add some beads. I threaded some beads onto a long doubled thread, and with a long needle threaded it through the form (from bottom to top).

I knotted the thread close to the top of the ornament and once again further along the thread to make the hanger.

This is the view from the bottom.

Here are some others that I made a few years ago -

The above are made with perle cotton.

This one is made with a 1" x 5" piece of cardboard.

This one was made by a friend.

There are all kinds of possibilities with thread combinations, types of thread and sizes of cardboard (the size of the cardboard is 1 unit x 5 units).

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!
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