Sunday, May 19, 2024

Week 20 of 2024

Still lots of works in progress -

I have been spinning some locks from a local shepherd. They are a Wensleydale/Romney cross. I am flick carding the individual locks to open them up before spinning - something new for me.
The latest handspun socks are long enough to start the ribbing.
A few more medallions added to the piece of tatting.
A good selection of temperatures this week for the blanket.

Photos from Around - 

The chicks are now 13 days old, and are really changing.
Miss Maggie still keeps an eye on them, and they love her.

There are lots of other birds in the yard too -
A Kildare nest in the front yard - this one was under water a few days ago when there was just 2 eggs (lots of rain this week).
A Mourning Dove on her nest (I don't hold much hope for the two eggs).
Another Kildare nest in the back yard (I had to mark this out because it blended in so well when I was weeding the mulch). Four eggs in this one too but Mama is very protective.
Another Mallard nest - this one near the garden. The eggs are slightly darker than the other nest we found earlier (that nest disappeared one day - not a shell, not a feather, not a trace, and it had just as many eggs).
Maybe the Mallards knew that their nest would be near water, because now the garden is full of water.
The garlic is growing well and will hopefully be fine (more rain in the forecast).

All the best!♥︎

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