Sunday, March 3, 2024

Week 9 of 2024

Not much crafting this week, it was more about cooking and baking (my quest to be more self sufficient means there is more food preparation which I enjoy too).

The only thing I finished was a little pincushion for my sister out of an old Christmas light reflector from our sister-in-law (I think they might have come from one of her grandparents). I have made a few pincushions like this and find them a great size. It is stuffed with crushed walnut shells (lizard litter), with a little piece of textured rubber on the bottom so it stays in place.

I did find time for knitting this week.
Another week on the temperature blanket - we had a bit of a cold snap early in the week.
The over-the-knee-socks are growing nicely. I add 2 stitches about every inch and it is interesting to see how the colour pooling changes. This has become my new take along project.
I am also working on a modular vest (I am sort of following the Tetris Pullover pattern). This is some leftover handspun yarn - hopefully I will have enough. All my knitting seems to be blue now.
Part of my cooking this week was some canning - usually a summer/fall thing for me.
This is some marmalade for my Dad.
He bought a kit that just needed the sugar. The marmalade turned out really good - lots of peel and a great flavour (it made five 500ml/1 pint/half quart/2 cups jars, only canned 4)
We had a snow storm early in the week - even Miss Molly seemed surprised (she is barely visible looking out the window by all the plants on the right side of the photo)
The next morning the skies had cleared.

All the best!♥︎

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