Friday, March 25, 2022

Shortie Socks and So Many Photos!

I finished knitting a pair of shortie socks last week.

I have tried other shortie sock patterns in the past, but the heel was too loose or there was too much fabric on the top of my foot where it meets my leg. So I just experimented this time.
I am really happy with the results, and they fit great.
I used short rows across the top of the foot to lessen the amount of fabric, plus short rows on the back of the foot to bring the heel up. Then tightened up the ribbing so they aren't loose on the heel.
I knit them two-at-a-time (except for the short rows and heel-flap-and-gusset had to be one at a time), toe-up, 64 stitches, magic-loop on a 2.5mm, long circular needle, from both ends of a ball of yarn.
Knitting from both ends of the ball means I could use up every bit of yarn - not much left!
The yarn is a handspun merino/nylon blend.
From fibre that I dyed. 
I only had less than 80g - the reason for the shortie socks (normally I use about 120g for a pair of mid calf socks).

Photos from Around - 

Sunrise last week.
Amazing frost yesterday morning.
More frosty trees. For the photo I am standing on a tall snow drift (looking over the top a tall willow hedge), and almost as tall as the highway behind our home (the z-dyke built 25 years ago, to protect Winnipeg from flooding - we are on the wrong side).
This pair hit the window the other day - some type of hawk and an Eastern Bluebird (which I have never seen here before).
Molly likes to bite Maggies legs for some reason. Maggie is so tolerant.
We are seeing flocks of geese now(oh no - heading south in the photo).
All the birds, and dirty snow are sure signs of spring.
This one is another sign of spring that surprised us - a skunk under the car. We all thought it was the cat when we came back from a walk, and were surprised when after Molly went to see her she came out growling. Luckily no one was hurt and we haven't seen the skunk in a while.


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