Saturday, January 22, 2022

Project Bag and Lots of Snow

This week I made a project bag for cross stitch (I see on Floss Tube that this is the kind of bag that cross stitchers use) -

I used scraps of handwoven fabric, leftover from a tunic I made a few years ago.
The back is quilted with a layer of soft and stable batting (the front has some stiff interfacing).
I attached a pottery button from a local artist (there is a fake crack in the button that is stitched over).
The fabric has a handspun warp and commercial yarn weft (black here).
The back and the front of the bag have a regular quilt binding to attach them together. The lining is a plain cotton. After sewing this I realize that my machine really needs to be serviced, so I guess I won't be sewing for a while.
This is the first time I have made a project bag like this and I am interested to see why it is such a popular style. It does hold all the pieces for the project well, and keeps the pattern flat. The bag is 11.5"x12.5".

Last time I forgot to show that I had finished weaving the bouclé tea towels/hand towels.

I love seeing all the fabric rolled up on the loom.
Fresh off the loom - 9 tea towels and a bit extra ready for hemming.

The possum/merino/silk hat is coming along well -

I am hoping to use all the yarn.

Photos from around - 

We have had a few storms this past week, so lots more snow (and lots of photos!)
Sunset sun dogs during the first storm of the week.
Blowing snow.
Huge snowdrifts.
Someone got stuck in the driveway and couldn't make it in to work yesterday (white out conditions too).
Fluffy snow later in the day.
Molly watching her beloved clearing snow again.
She also happily helped dig the snow around the beehives.
Snow plastered to the kitchen window yesterday morning.
First harvest of hydroponic radishes (we can never seem to grow them outside in the summer - they are always tough and usually just bolt) - these were delicious.

All the best!♥︎

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