Saturday, January 15, 2022

Finished Sweater

I finished knitting a sweater this week -

I wanted to knit a sweater with commercial yarn for a change. It is knit with a fingering weight yarn and a lace weight silk and mohair yarn, held together (Bare Capretta and grey Aloft Super Kid Mohair both from Knit Picks). The pattern started out as The Classic by Espace Tricot. I decreased stitches before knitting the ribbing for the sleeves and made the sweater longer (I wanted to use up my yarn).
The sweater came out really nice - it is soft and warm.
Now I am working on a hat (Musselburg by Ysolda Teague), out of some beautiful merino/possum/silk yarn from a dear friend in New Zealand. I dyed the yarn. The hat is constructed so that it is two layers plus the brim folds over (4 layers over the ears!) - it should be a nice warm hat.

Photos from Around-

Interesting patterns in the snow drifts.
Molly loves to dig in the snow.
Miss Maggie is happy to watch from her favourite spot.
My youngest son started growing vegetables inside - mostly hydroponic lettuce, but he experimented with a bean plant, and this was the big harvest (they were delicious).

All the best!♥︎

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Cheryll said...

Your knitted sweater looks lovely... & you have lots of snow around... xox

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