Friday, February 15, 2013

The Winner Is..

Thank-you to every one that entered my Spreading Love Giveaway - there were lots of heartwarming stories.

My son picked a number, and the winner of the little wallhanging is Karen (For the Love of Needle and Thread).
She told the story of a Random Act of Kindness that happened to her -

I was the recipient of a RAK once when I was leaving a doctor's office. The parking lot had one of those toll booths where you had to drop in the coin to get the lever to go up and I dropped the coin and didn't have any more. I was so upset from seeing the doctor and then this happened. Well I had a long line of cars waiting behind me to get out and a wonderful lady came up and gave me a coin. It was a small act that meant the world to me at the moment.

Congratulations Karen!

This week I have been trying to work on some "of the Month" projects I have for February.

The first is my Art Quilt of the Month. I have been doing embroidery for this one - I tried some Pulled Thread embroidery. It is on a piece of my snow dyed fabric - seemed appropriate since there is still so much snow.

This one is for a BOM that I am participating in with a local quilt group. The first block was one of our choosing, and so I tried a Lone Star since I have never made one before. The block is a 24",  and as you can see I had a few difficulties with it - I am hoping it will all work out in the quilting!
For this BOM a block pattern or idea will be chosen every month. We decide which style of quilt we will make - mine will be a random/scrappy style with different size blocks - I think it might be called Orphan Block Quilt (although the blocks won't be Orphans, so I am not sure of the name). My colour palette will be cream/red/pink/beige/caramel.

I still have the Pieces of Time blocks to make for February.

The gray partridges were enjoying the sunshine yesterday.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!
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