Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Block 9 THQA 2012

This week's block is a Single Irish Chain (all the blocks for the quilt along are from EQ7).

For one 7" block you will need - 

Print A (mine is the green striped) -

                          1 - 2+7/8" square - for the centre
                          4 - 1+5/8" squares

Print B (mine is dark green) -

                          4 - 1+5/8" squares

Print C (mine is red) -  

                         4 - 1+5/8" x 2+7/8" rectangles

Print D (mine is the orange dots) - 

                         4 - 1+5/8" x 5+1/8" rectangles

Note - someone sent my an email saying that she had trouble making the blocks big enough with my measurements, so please be very careful with cutting and sewing the scant 1/4" seam. 
All the measurements are from EQ7 and they do tend to round to the nearest 1/8", so they could be off. I didn't have problems with this block (although some of my other blocks are smaller, but I assumed it was my fault).

All the pieces will be laid out like the above photo.

Remember all the basics - press seams in opposite directions, scant 1/4" seams etc. Here is a great link about why we use scant 1/4" seams in quilting, which I received from Raewyn (lovetostitch) - thanks Raewyn.

Start by making the centre, sewing it like a regular nine patch.

Making rows,

 and sewing the rows together.

Next add the outer round, sewing it like a regular nine patch.

Trim the block to 7+1/2".

For this block I used the same fabric for the Print C+D rectangles.

For this one I used the same fabric for all the Print A+B squares.

All three blocks together.

Thanks for posting your blocks on the Flickr site - they are so great to see!

Have a great day and thanks for quilting along! 

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Raewyn said...

Cool to see the experimentation with the different colours and values in the blocks. Thank you again!

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