Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Block 11 THQA 2012

Since this is the last whole block of the Quilt Along, and we started with a variation of a Variable Star, I thought we would end with one. This is a plain Variable Star.

For one 7" block you will need -

Print A (mine is brown) this is the "background" of the star -

                                1 - 4+3/4" square - for the Fast Flying Geese
                                4 - 2+1/4" squares - for the corners of the block

Print B (mine is orange) -

                                4 - 2+5/8" squares - for the Fast Flying Geese (these will be the star points)

Print C (mine is green) -

                                1 - 4" square - for the centre of the block

Remember measure accurately, sew scant 1/4" seams, press seams in opposite directions....

Start by making four Flying Geese with the large print A square, and all four Print B squares (all the instructions can be found here).

When sewing the scant 1/4" seams I have to sew quite a bit smaller with my new 1/4" sewing foot for the seam to be accurate.

These four units should be trimmed to 2+1/4" x 4".

The four Flying Geese, along with the small print A squares and the Print C square will go together like the above photo. Sewn together like a regular Nine-Patch,

sewing the units into rows and then the rows together.

Trim the finished block to 7+1/2" square.

My other blocks -

For this one I added a Pinwheel centre.

I made the Pinwheel with Easy Half Square Triangles (HST) using 2+3/4" squares - two squares each, from two different fabrics. Trim the Half Square Triangles to 2+1/4" before sewing the Pinwheel. All the instructions for the HST can be found here.

The Pinwheel should be trimmed to 4".

Have fun with this Variable Star - any 4" block will work for the centre.

 All three blocks together.

all 33 blocks!
We are now finished with all the whole blocks, next week there will be instructions for the half blocks.

Have a great day and thanks for quilting along!


Me and My Stitches said...

I hate to see this end, and I'm not even making the blocks! I just love seeing yours and your wonderful fabric choices. I thought of you last night when I was working with a stripe! And trust me - it looks nothing like it would have if you would have done it! Mine is wonky...yours are so perfect!

Doniene said...

Every time you post one of your blocks I wish I had done the SAL!!! I just love your colors and such fun traditional blocks!!! I'm going to try and make it when I finish up some current projects!! I have the perfect fabric for it, too!!

Have a great day!

luv2quilt2 said...

I hate to see this end. I'm so far behind that I may never catch up, but I love the blocks, love the fabric, and hopefully someday will love the quilt. I can't wait to see all of your lovely blocks all put together. Thanks for the wonderful SAL.

Colleen said...

Joanne I am getting farther behind, my 91 yr old mother fell last Tues and broke her pelvis. She is now in comprehensive rehabilitation and making good progress. After all this I will get busy and play catchup.

Jo C. said...

Hey, Joanne! I love this QAL! Its not too hard and the blocks are beautiful! Thank you sew much...i've been keeping up and having a ton of fun!

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