Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Block 8 THQA 2012

This week we are making an easy Shoo Fly block.

For this 7" block you will need -

Print A (mine is green) -

                          2 - 3+1/4" squares, for the easy half square triangles - HST
                          1 - 2+7/8" square, for the centre

Print B (mine is orange) -

                          2 - 3+1/4" squares, for the easy half square triangles - HST
                          4 - 2+7/8" square, for the sides

Start with the easy half square triangles using the 3+1/4" squares (instructions found here).

Trim the four HST to 2+7/8".

The remaining squares and HST are arranged like the above photo, and sewn together like a regular nine-patch.

Sewing the units in to rows, and the rows together.

I pressed the seam allowances in opposite directions.

Trim the block to 7+1/2" square.

This block was made the same way.

For this one I made a Snowball variation, by switching the colours of the 2+7/8" squares.

 All three blocks together.

Thanks for sewing along and have a great day!


Raewyn said...

Thanks Joanne!!

Kindred Quilts said...

Thanks for a simple block... I have #7 and #8 to keep me company this weekend!

Carolyn Sullivan said...

I always have problems w 1/2 triangle blocks. I seem to drift when I am sweing so my seams are not straight. any suggestions?

Joanne said...

Carolyn, make sure that you follow the pencil line with your 1/4" sewing machine foot.
I find that I don't worry too much about making an exact 1/4" seam, and make it smaller since I will be trimming the HST down to the right size and it is better that they are too big than too small.

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