Saturday, March 17, 2012

Friday Night Sew In Results

For the Friday Night Sew In I started making a fabric bowl.

the start of the bowl

getting bigger

almost big enough to start the sides

the base is 9" and I started the sides
 When starting the sides I found that I really had to hold the bowl up, and press it up underneath, close to the presser foot, otherwise the base was just bending.

the sides are getting more noticeable

I started with 50' of cotton cord (it is 1/4" and sold as clothesline cord) from the hardware store. I have had the beautiful fabric for a couple of years and never knew what to make with it, I thought this would be a perfect application since the colours are so wonderful (and I have nothing to go with it).

I cut 1" strips of fabric across the width, and pressed 1/4" over along the edge. I used this method with the pin in the ironing board. It worked wonderfully (once I realized I could keep the little legs on the Oliso iron from coming out), I just set the iron down on the strip and pulled the strip through. It took just seconds to press each strip. I chose to fold down an edge of the fabric so that the bowl wouldn't be "hairy" with little threads.

I then wrapped some cord, it overlaps about half of the strip. I only wrapped one strip of fabric at a time and then sewed.

I do have this very handy double cording foot for my machine which is very helpful. I used the Triple Zig Zag stitch, set quite wide.

I started the bowl last night, worked on it some more this morning and have quite a bit more to go!
The inspiration for the bowl is from here (I probably will add handles too). I have used 17 WOF strips so far. I probably should have attempted a smaller bowl first!

Here are some lovely images of all kinds of fabric bowls from Google.

I did manage to get another row added to the Winding Ways quilt yesterday too, more than a quarter of the quilt now.

I just realized how to add captions to pictures and recently how to set blogger to open a new window for a link - amazing when you read the fine print.

Thanks for another great FNSI Heidi and Bobbi!!

Happy National Quilt Day and St Patrick's Day!
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