Thursday, February 2, 2012

Machine Quilting

I started quilting the Granny's Hankie quilt. I used the walking foot to stitch in the ditch around the blocks and along some of the borders.

I have free motion quilted a few of the blocks,

quilting my version of McTavishing.

I am using Tre Stelle #60 thread for the first time. It is lovely and fine, sews beautifully. I bought it from Tristans - luckily for me this size spool (2000yards/1830meters) only came in black.

I also made a few more Winding Ways blocks. I am making this quilt is sections - the reason for the tape. This is a fun one to make.

Today I was cleaning my sewing room (this picture is of some things in a cabinet - an owl pincushion I won last year from Heirlooms by Ashton House, and some Temari balls that I made a few years ago).

I have been getting ready for an appliqué class that I am teaching tomorrow. They will be making my mug rug pattern.

 My posts now have Print Friendly added back to the bottom of them (I guess I lost PF when I changed my blog. Luckily I have a son in computer science at university to help me figure out the HTML code!). If you have never seen Print Friendly - it allows you to print only the portions of a post that you want - without all the extra stuff. You can click on the little logo at the bottom of a post and it will open up a little screen for a preview of a PDF - you can then delete photos and sections of the post - it is to save paper. You can also use Print Friendly for any page on the web - it is a great idea!

I also just noticed that there is a box I can check when I add a link, so that it will open up a new page - how come I never noticed that before?!

We have been having lovely weather and it makes for beautiful frosty mornings.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


corina said...

Lovely quilt! The black background really sets off the colors. I might twist your arm for a demo of the Mctavishing!

Raewyn said...

Your McTavishing really seems to suit this quilt - it's going to be (even more) lovely when you have finished quilting it :-)Your winding ways is coming along well too.
Good luck with teaching your class tomorrow - hope you all have fun!!

Wendy said...

Your Winding Ways is stunning! Good luck today!

Deanna said...

Lovely work on the hankie quilt. I just added a print option to my blog, too. Great minds...

Sue Daurio said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Grannies Hankies and how that is coming along. I have that one on the computer, need to get to it. Yours is gorgeous!!

Norma said...

Your work is wonderful! I especially like your quilt in the background of your header. Spectacular!

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