Monday, February 13, 2012

Mixed Media Art Quilts

This weekend I made a couple of art quilts.

I tried using different types of fabrics and more embellishments for these. They are both around 9"x6".

The background is linen/cotton mix, and the appliqué and binding are raw silk.

I stamped the leaves using So-Soft fabric paint.
I did some free motion machine embroidery on the leaves before applying the appliqué, and added a couple more leaves with stitching.

I used fusible web to add the flower and then stitched all around close to the edge to secure it (free motion using Aurifil #50 thread),

I then added some more free form decorative stitching.

I added some accents with metallic thread (I had to switch to regular sewing because my machine doesn't like free motion sewing with metallic thread - I tried adjusting the tension and changing to different types of needles with no luck)

I added two circles of raw silk for the centre, with the grain of the fabric at 45 degrees to each other,

so that the fringe would be full when I removed the outer fabric threads. I also added a few beads and a button (stitched on by hand).

I quilted around the design and added some leaves using Aurifil #50 thread to match the background.

This one is made with the same background fabric, and similar stamped and machine embroidered leaves.

I also added a picture made from a scan of an old book (Flower Fairies of the Autumn) that I printed directly onto a piece of fabric (using a piece of muslin ironed onto a piece of freezer paper and a regular inkjet printer - photo quality setting).

I added a piece of wool crepe and some decorative stitching with metallic thread,

plus a piece of lace, mother-of-pearl buttons, and some beads.

I always use a stabilizer on the back when I am doing decorative stitching and I tried some "Burn Away" stabilizer for this one. I cut away the excess and then ironed the back until the stabilizer turned brown. It then just brushed off.
I used a thin piece of batting as a stabilizer for the quilt with the yellow flower.

I always start projects like this thinking that they will end up more free-form, organic and "messy", but all my work seems to end up neat and organized! I guess I just have to resign myself to that.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


Linda said...

Art Quilts are gorgeous!!! I really love the quilting! I love all the texture!

Needled Mom said...

Your art quilts are lovely. I am with you as my attempts always tend to be too "perfect" too. I just can't seem to let go and be messy and yet I LOVE that look.

Wendy said...

Neat and organized or messy, either way, they're beautiful!

Lesley said...

Wow...these are beautiful!

Karens Quilts, Crows and Cardinals said...

Joanne -- these are very unique and beautiful !

Thanks for sharing.


Deanna said...

There is nothing wrong with neat and organized. If that is your true be it! Your process description is very helpful. Almost as good as being there watching. Thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

I love these art quilts. Looks like a lot of fun to make. Thanks for the inspiration.

Cathy said...

I love your art quilts. So beautiful. Thanks for showing how you made them. I have copied pictures to muslin too. Hugs

Judy said...

Your art quilts are wonderful. Thanks for sharing your process with us.

Chris said...

Absolutely beautiful! Some day you should do a blog on how you learned to do these things! :)

Sheila said...

I love them both Joanne, very creative !

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