Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Tour de Fleece Results and More

Tour de Fleece was last month and these are my results -

I spun everyday for 24 days. 
I spun 784g of fibre and ended up with 2,506m of yarn

I am currently knitting a Nightshift with some of the yarn.

I recently finished #9 of 12 handspun socks for the year.

I also finished knitting another Easy (my 4th - love these).

Photos from Around - 

The garden is doing well - canning and freezing season is well under way.
Honey is also flowing- we are up to 27 litres of honey so far and expecting one more harvest before settling the bees in for the winter.
Morning walk.
Fresh vegetables from the garden always impress me with their beauty.
Miss Maggie has her favourite spot (can you see the 'J' on her belly - I think she was destined to be my first pet).
She comes for walks - panting away in the heat.
She doesn't take any nonsense from her best friend.
She also didn't like when this little one came.
After watching our security camera footage we saw that a lady had shaken this little cutie from a box into the ditch along the highway behind our house. I had seen a car slowly drive up, turn around, and stop, then speed off. I assumed that they were lost and checking the map. When this one caused such a commotion for our pets I checked the camera (it has a better vantage point).
He was only slightly harmed by Miss Maggie, the dog is gentler - found him and laid down beside him until we came. He has since been taken to a shelter (cost me $100 - shelters are overrun after the pandemic), and he has been adopted. I hope life is better for him now. 
I already look after one cat that someone dropped off, and can't take them all in.
I don't know the people's circumstances, but I still can't believe they thought leaving this little cutie to fend for itself was the only option.
Miss Molly running in the tall grass yesterday morning.

All the best!♥︎

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