Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Spinning and Knitting

I finished spinning everyday in February with a few more skeins in my stash - they are all now works in progress or finished objects.

A merino/nylon blend - knitting shortie socks.
I blended some different fibres (handdyed merino/silk, pearl fibre, two more types of silk and some silver sparkle),
and spun a fingering weight yarn (~180g) - knitting a cowl.
This is BFL wool,
I spun to make some fingerless mitts.
It is a free pattern on Ravelry - Cozy Cuffed Mitts by Karen Everett.
I finished knitting a pair of socks with a BFL/Nylon blend with yarn I spun earlier in February.

Photos from Around (more snow photos!) - 

This winter (so far) is at #3 for the most snow fall since they started keeping records!
In the summer I can't even jump up and touch the bottom bar on the orange gate, now we can walk over it.
The garden shed is in a hole.
Windblown sparkly snow.
All the snow being put to good use. Molly was tired after all the running around!
The driveway this morning - snowed in again after a storm yesterday.


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