Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Day - 31 A Few Finishes!

I finished sewing a tunic from fabric that I bought at the Costume Museum of Canada fundraiser sale ($4).

The pattern is the Bessie Tunic from Style Arc. It is a really nice pattern and was relatively easy to sew (I had trouble at first with the fabric - I believe a polyester, but after I put the single hole throat plate on my sewing machine things went smoothly). The only trouble is that it doesn't fit. The shoulders are way too small - the tunic part fits fine, but after I added the sleeves (the last step) I was so dissapointed (I can't even raise my arms to fasten the button at the back of the neck, and struggled to take it off). The tunic is put away for a bit until I decide what to do with it. I love the style and will have to make another one, I just have to figure out how to modify the pattern to fit me.

I also finished carving another wooden spoon - this one a little scoop. I also tried my hand at adding some wood burning decoration - not the most successful (seems to be a theme today), but it was lots of fun. The spoon is about 6" long, out of basswood.

More importantly I finished a month long challenge to myself to blog everyday - well at least post a picture. Some days were a real challenge, but I am glad I did it. Next month will be a different challenge.

All the best!♥︎


sandi s said...

I’m so sorry your tunic didn’t fit right. I love the material. I’m so in awe of your spoon! I think that is amazing that you know how to carve that. I think that would be fun to have that talent. Hugs,

QuiltGranma said...

Well, at least the scoop fits!

PaintedThread said...

A fun month. I enjoyed the little snippets of stuff. :-)

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