Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Last of the Tea Towels!

I finished weaving the last set of tea towels from kits I bought from Jane Stafford Textiles in January (I had originally thought these would be a year long project, but I was so glad I had bought them all when life changed).

Fresh off the loom - the kit made 8 towels, each over 30" long before washing.

I added about 18" extra warp, and still had plenty of cotton leftover when finished.

Fresh off the loom the fabric looked like this-

the white line (crochet cotton) is the cutting line between towels
And after washing like this-

Seven of the towels were made with Huck Lace squares,

and one towel I wove with Warp Spots (it created a denser square). It was harder to see the pattern when I was weaving so I only did one, but I love how it looks after washing and I should have done more.

I also wove a coordinating band on the inkle loom.

Once again, I don't need loops on the towels but I love how they look.

With the extra warp I used up the leftover bits on the bobbins and wove one bobbin of boucle cotton, to make four little kitchen cloths. Two layers of fabric (one plain and one with boucle), just sewn around with a serger.

 All three types of tea towels.

I bought the kits of learn different types of weaving, which I did, plus I learned so much more. The biggest was 'just do it' - like most things in life. They were all much easier than I expected,
and now I have some nice gifts.

Finishing these towels was my April project for One Monthly Goal, from Elm Street Quilts - thanks Patty!

Best friends! 

All the best!♥︎


Lady Locust said...

Wow! You are certainly a talented gal!!! Love those colors:-)

Sue SA said...

These are such lovely colours and so much nicer then you can buy in the shops, a great gift idea.

QuiltGram said...

What a wonderful skill to have because these are beautiful.

Sharon Kwilter said...

Those tea towels are all beautifully done. I wish I had room for a loom, I'd love to try weaving.

Maria said...

Love all your beautiful tea towels and dish cloths..
Great photo of the pets..

Raewyn said...

WOW they look great - well done on doing them all - love that photo of the pre-cut length of fabric on the floor! SO nice to see Maggie and Molly playing :-)

Patty said...

These are gorgeous! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.

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