Thursday, April 16, 2020

Keeping Busy

I probably should be cleaning my house, but instead I am spending time making things.

These are the Stay at Home Sampler blocks from Temecula Quilt Co on Instagram, 14 - 3" blocks so far.

I made a stitchery block from Marg Low Designs - it is one of the blocks from the Love and Hugs from Australia quilt along on Facebook. I always wanted to try out a little stitched block, and this was lot of fun. I enlarged the pattern to make an 8" block and turned it into a little wallhanging. It is 10"x12".

I spun up a skein of yarn as part of a Ravelry group challenge to spin our oldest fibre. This is a Stroll blend from Knit Picks. I dyed it years ago and was never happy with how it turned out - I always thought that I would re-dye it, but never got around to it.

This is a better representation of the colour - it came out better than I thought it would. I plan on making a pair of slippers with it.

I dyed up some more fibre (a BFL/nylon blend for socks).

This one came out the colours I wanted.

I am knitting a summer sweater out of Lindy Chain from Knit Picks - some of it I dyed with indigo dye last summer. The pattern is Sun Tea by Laura Aylor. I am using a Helical Knitting (link for YouTube video I used) to alternate the two skeins of hand dyed yarn in case they are slightly different colours. It is a fabulous technique and would be great for jogless stripes in the round.

I am still weaving tea towels too.

I started seeds for the garden and they are doing well - lots of tomatoes and peppers so far.

Photos from around-

 A couple of Canada Geese by the pond.
 Melting snow in the ditch.
 I can't resist cloud pictures,
 these ones were amazing.
 Best friends!

All the best!♥︎


Jenny said...

Lots of pretty things on the go at your home, you are certainly keeping busy. Like you, I had grand visions of doing a whole lot of house cleaning, we are in week 3 of lockdown here in New Zealand. But the extra cleaning didn't happen and I'm keeping myself busy with sesing projects. Mind you, I've been doing extra baking, trying a few new recipes, keeping the laundry up to date, making numerous hot drinks for us both now hubby is home each and every day too.

Cheryll said...

Who needs to do MoRe housework...ha... go sew instead...
Lovely to see the snow melting so you can enjoy the outdoors a little more.
Beautiful colour of yarn you're using too...xox

Maria said...

Lovely collection of Stay at Home Sampler blocks as is your stitchery wall hanging.
Pretty yarn and some nice tea towels on the loom .

QuiltGranma said...

Thank you for the link to the from Australia with love and hugs, so I too can make a bunny quilt similar to yours! I love bunnies!

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