Monday, December 10, 2018

A Little Fire

Today my son and I sewed a microwave baked potato bag-

It looked lovely for a few minutes, until we used it -

Online instructions said that it would take about 7-10 minutes to bake a potato, and to stop the microwave every two minutes and turn it (which we did). The fire started just after 4 minutes (and the potato was fully cooked). When we took it out of the microwave it was really smoking and just looked a bit brown on the outside.
I used the proper cotton batting (Pellon wrap-and-zap) for this project, cotton fabric and cotton thread. I think that the bag was too big for just one potato. I used the instructions from here. It was very simple to make. We are hoping to salvage what is left of the bag, but maybe it isn't worth it. Any one have any experience with these types of bags?

My other sewing project was a top (which was more successful) -

The pattern is the Elliot Sweater and Tee from Helen's Closet (a Canadian designer). The sweater was really easy to sew, and the pattern well explained, like all of the Helen's Closet patterns I have used. I made view A  but made the sleeves longer and also added some length to the body (the back is a few inches longer than the front). I made it out of a rayon knit, and think I would like to make one out of a thicker (warmer) fabric.

I've still been knitting gnomes (they are a bit addictive, the pattern is appropriately called Never Not Gnoming - the designer has a new pattern on Knitty for Gnome mittens).

Two more (the one with the red hat has a bit of colour work near the bottom).

All five together on the rink (they are all a bit different because I don't pay too much attention to counting rows, and I am using various weights of handspun yarn - all on the same size needles though).

Speaking of the rink, I usually go for an early morning skate, and when I come around the corner to the rink I have been greeted by beautiful sunrises -

The rink is on the other side of the machine shop -

I love seeing all the footsteps in the snow, especially all the partridge tracks.

Here are a few more photos -

an icicle on the handle for the grain bin lid
some frosty grasses popping out of the snow
ski-doo tracks and frosty trees
All the best!♥︎


junepaulette said...

I love your little family of gnomes. And of course your wonderful setting.
I never made the baking potato bag as I had once tried to make the rice hand warmers and had the same experience - it caught fire. But I did read that the potato should be wet and wrapped in a wet paper towel. I’ve been too afraid to try it though I do love the idea.
Keep sewing and creating in your amazing home.

Lyndle said...

Gorgeous photos. Sorry about your potato bag. I’ve never heard of them but 7-10 min sounds long for one potato, to the uninitiated.
Love the gnomes. You manage to make winter look idyllic!

PaintedThread said...

Oh, that poor bag. I just microwave potatoes naked - I haven't tried in a bag like that. But my other microwave projects (like bowl cozies and hand warmers) have been fine with all cotton.

Love those gnomes. And that snow is pretty.

QuiltShopGal said...

I've never made a potato bag, but I have heard from many quilters who love them. I posted on my Facebook page, sharing a link to your post, to see if anyone with potato bag experience can provide some seasoned experience. LOL!
Lastly, I love your gnomes and snow pictures, even though it looks terribly cold.

Marian said...

I'm sorry that happened to you... Are you 100% sure it was cotton tho? It has to be a natural fiber... If your unsure, you can test it by lighting a corner of your fabric. Cotton makes an ash type of leftover, polyester makes a hard leftover. If it has any polyester at all, it will be hard and not the soft ash.

Sue SA said...

Perhaps your microwave has more watts then standard, so needed less time and perhaps a lower setting? I just wrap potatoes in a single sheet of paper towel to microwave them, which has never caught on fire, but scarey to realise it could - if cotton will! Might go back to using a microwave dish and doing more washing up I think!

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